Introduction DDR
After the end of the Second World War the western allied and Soviet Union was in control of the
whole of Germany. In eastern Germany, zones controlled by Soviet Union, the political ruling was
run by SED – Sozialistische Einheitspartei Deutschland – created in 1946 by Soviet directed merge
of the Communist Party of Germany (KPD) and the Social Democratic Party of Germany (SPD).
Being a communist party the SED government nationalised infrastructure and industrial plants.
Other political parties and mass-organisations exicsted but was totally controlled by SED and had
no real political power or freedom. Blockpartei, Block Parties was completely controlled by the
ruling Communist and required to be members of the official coalition.
In 1949 DDR – Deutsche Demokratische Republic – was established and lasted until 1990.
Legal and civil organisations in DDR:
CDU Christlich-Demokratische Union (Christian Democratic Union)
DBD Demokratische Bauernpartei Deutschlands (Democratic Farmers Party of Germany)
DFD Demokratischer FrauenbundDeuthschlands (DemocraticWomens Federation of Germany)
DSF Gesellschaft für Deutsch-Sowjetische Freundschaft ( Society for German-Soviet Friendship)
DTSB Deutscher Turn und Sportsbund (the official sports of DDR)
FDGB Freier Deutscher Gewerkschaftsbund (Free German Trade Union Federation)
FDJ Freie Deutsche Jugend (Free German Youth)
GDR German Democratic Republic
GST Gesellschaft für Sport und Technik (Society for Sports and Technology)
Junge Pioniere (Young Pioneers aged 6 to 14 years)
KPD Kommunistische Partei Deutschland (Communist Party of Germany, forbidden in BRD)
LDPD Liberal-Demokratische Partei Deutschlands (Liberal-Democratic Party of Germany)
MfS Ministerium für Staatssicherheit, STASI (Ministry for State Security)
NDPDNationaldemokratische Partei Deutschland (National Democratic Party of Germany)
NVA Nationale Volksarmee (National People Army)
SED Sozialistiche Einheitspartei Deutschlands (Socialist Unity Party of Germany)
STASI (see MfS)
Zentralkomitee (Central Committee of the SED)